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In our society, most of us will be touched by the break-up of a family at some point in our lives. It can be the toughest, most emotionally challenging thing you can go through.

The attorneys at Cumalander Adcock are here to go through it with you, and to make the process as easy and painless as it can be.

If you are visiting this page of our website, you probably have many questions and aren’t sure what to do next. What will happen to my kids? What about splitting up everything we own and everything we’ve ever worked for? How can we handle this without going to court? Let us help you find answers.

The legal issues surrounding divorce, alimony, equitable distribution, and child custody and support are complicated. An experienced and dedicated advocate will help you to be sure that your rights are protected as you go through the trying process of dissolving a marriage and family. There is life on the other side of divorce, and our attorneys understand how to help you get to the place where you can start fresh in the best possible position.

Whether you are just considering divorce and need to learn about your options or you are already involved in litigation and court proceedings, call us to schedule a consultation to see how we can help you navigate this challenging time.

We offer Free Family Law Consultations

Why hire a Cumalander Adcock attorney?

Whether you are the person deciding to leave the marriage or the person who has been told your marriage is ending, or even if you and your spouse have reached the decision together, this time is likely to be one of the most stressful, emotionally charged, and complicated times of your life.

The end of a marriage can be consuming and overwhelming with all of its changes and transitions, but you still have to get up and go to work, get the kids to school and practice, help with homework, make dinner, and then do it all again tomorrow.

Even when your life feels like it is falling apart, the rest of the world keeps going and you still have responsibilities. An experienced legal team can take some of the load off and help you navigate the logistics of divorce and child custody so you don’t have to worry about them while trying to work through one of the biggest transitions of your life.

Do you know all of your rights?

There can be complicated legal issues associated with any family law case, and these types of cases involve the most precious things in your life – your kids, all of the property you’ve worked hard to accumulate over the years, and your future financial security.

Going it alone without the benefit of legal counsel can be putting these precious things at risk. Add to this that emotions are running high and people are hurting, and you can find yourself in a challenging spot even when you thought you and your spouse had it all figured out.

You may have rights or issues you didn’t even know you had, and speaking with a family law attorney can help ensure you are protected in the future.

Financial Impact

The financial aspect of dissolving a marriage is complex. If it is not possible to quickly reach an agreement with your former spouse, you will likely be required to complete in-depth and complicated forms for the court setting out all of the family assets and liabilities, and gather hundreds of pages of documentation such as copies of old tax records, past monthly bills, pay statements, property valuations and appraisals, and others.

The tasks can be daunting and overwhelming, but an experienced legal team can help you through.

Why hire the Cumalander Adcock team?

  • We offer affordable initial consultations and competitive retainer and fee arrangements.  In some cases, we can assist you with setting up a payment plan for legal fees or structuring payments around your case and when you will receive the proceeds from the distribution of marital assets.  It’s true that hiring an attorney to help with your divorce can be expensive, but getting divorced without a legal team on your side can end up being even more expensive in the long run.
  • Our attorneys practice in primarily in Wake, Harnett, and Johnston Counties, and have quality working relationships with the court staff other family law attorneys in the area.  These relationships benefit you because we can work easily with your former spouse’s legal team to reach a resolution.
  • We believe that most divorce and child custody cases are best handled amicably, but are always prepared to fight fiercely to protect your interests when necessary.  Divorce is hard enough when the issues can be resolved through negotiation and agreement, and our approach is to resolve matters cooperatively and avoid lengthy and expensive litigation wherever possible.  We can assist you early on with negotiating a fair separation and property settlement agreement rather than going to court. Our approach is to work with your ex-spouse or his/her attorney to minimize the conflict and fighting that can make working collaboratively with your former spouse and co-parent in the future more difficult.  However, if litigation is unavoidable or your former spouse is making things difficult by refusing to be reasonable, you can count on the attorneys of Cumalander Adcock to fight aggressively for you and your interests. We believe in compromising where possible and advisable, but fighting hard when compromise isn’t possible.             
  • We live, work, and raise our children in this community, and believe strongly in providing quality legal representation to our neighbors.  Our offices are conveniently local and welcoming, so you won’t have to worry about driving around the city looking for parking just to come by and see us.

When you hire our team, you will deal primarily with your attorney – not a staff member or an online portal.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to serving our clients and knowing them as individuals, and not as merely a file number.  Divorce and the issues that go with it are emotional, personal, and at times intimate or embarrassing. A quality and trusting relationship with your attorney is critical.  At Cumalander Adcock you are treated with compassion, respect, and as a person in need of help that only a dedicated team of lawyers can provide. You can expect to be kept informed about the status of your case, and our attorneys are always available to answer your questions, including after regular business hours when necessary.

We offer Free Family Law Consultations

Our Family Law Services

  • Negotiation and preparation of Separation and Property Settlement Agreements, dealing with all aspects of divorce including alimony, property division, and child custody and support.
  • No-contest or summary judgment divorces.
  • Domestic violence matters, including protective orders.
  • All aspects of family court litigation, including post-separation support, Equitable Distribution, alimony, and child custody and support issues.
  • Termination of parental rights and adoption-related issues.  
  • Marriage -related torts, such as alienation of affection and criminal conversation.

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