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Every day, the American electoral process becomes more complicated and more contentious. The media is full of accounts of candidates and campaigns charged with misconduct in campaign finance or other areas, and it seems like an election does not go by without a recount, protest, or challenge of some kind.  As today’s elections are more heavily regulated and frequently move from the ballot box to the courtroom, candidates and their campaigns require competent legal representation.

In North Carolina, attorney Brian LiVecchi is one of a handful of attorneys to practice in the area of election law, and he has represented and advised campaigns for offices from city council to President of the United States, as well as political parties and State and County Boards of Elections, on issues of North Carolina election law.  Mr. LiVecchi’s extensive experience in election law includes his service as Special Counsel to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, where he had a central role in litigation up to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court, participated in countless hearings, and advised County Boards of Election and the Executive Director and State Election Board members on law and policy.

Since returning to private practice, Mr. LiVecchi has represented boards of elections, candidate campaigns, and individuals, including voters whose right to vote, was challenged, as well as those who have filed challenges or protests. He was heavily involved in both the litigation arising from fraud in the 2018 race for N.C. Ninth Congressional District and the litigation surrounding the outcome of the 2016 North Carolina Governor’s race, when he represented former Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign.

Mr. LiVecchi’s election-law related services include:


  • Assisting candidates, campaigns, and political committees and parties with their compliance with campaign finance and election administration rules and regulations.
  • Serving as treasurer for campaigns
  • Representing individuals before county boards of elections and the State Board of Elections in hearings on voter and candidate eligibility
  • Representing candidates and campaigns in candidate and voter challenges
  • Representing campaigns in election protests and recounts
  • Advising county boards of election on election law matters

Specific services:

– Campaign finance compliance and consulting to campaigns and candidates

– Election administration and procedure consulting

– Candidate challenges

– Election litigation, including election protests and recounts

– Voter challenges, including residency and other eligibility issues

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