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Commercial Real Estate Leasing

There are many factors to consider when going into a lease agreement on commercial property.

Are you certain that the commercial real estate is zoned properly for you to conduct business?

What are the policies for signage?

How will improvements and maintenance be handled?

What happens if you wish to get out of the lease early?

There are different types of commercial real estate leases to consider when going into an agreement as well. Our commercial real estate attorneys can help reduce your risk when going into a lease agreement on a business property.

Reviewing Purchase or Sale Agreements

Agreements on real estate are notoriously long and complex. As a business owner, you do not have the time or the expertise to examine these documents in the manner they deserve to protect your interests.

We will examine what your business objectives are and do our best to align those objectives with the agreed-to outcomes. Real estate commercial or otherwise is a significant investment that a commercial real estate attorney can help you through and minimize the risk to your business.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Business real estate issues can grow more complex as the company grows. You never want to have issues with partnerships, leasing, property taxes, and real estate contract, but if you do you want to have an experienced real estate litigation attorney on your side.

Our commercial real estate attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of real estate law and years of experience helping business owners traverse the legal issues that accompany owning or leasing commercial properties.

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